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About Paramedic and First Aid Jobs

Emergency medicine and pre-hospital care has developed from a very siloed localised discipline to a global marketplace in a changing world

Find employment in your local region, offshore or in the global market, We bring all the jobs to you in one spot, search and find jobs by skill level or location.

Worldwide reach, transforming the portability of pre-hospital emergency care, Paramedic and first Aid Jobs is a global specialist recruiter and job service portal

  • The team at paramedic and first aid jobs helped me land a job in the Mining sector as a firefighter. Thanks

    James Watson

  • I was looking for career change due to some personal and domestic issues. I found a job in the private sector as a paramedic and made the change work for me.

    Rick James


Quick Career Tips

Quick career tips for candidates and employers to help you get the most out of your career and your staff
10 Paramedic Life Skills Employers Want
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10 Paramedic Life Skills Employers Want

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Get real paramedic and first aid experience – Volunteer
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Get real paramedic and first aid experience – Volunteer

Paramedic and First Aid training is great but getting your hands on the tools builds clinical skills and confidence like..

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An Overworked Newspaper Editor
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An Overworked Newspaper Editor

Ravenously while stridently coughed far promiscuously below jeez much yikes bland that salamander cunningly some over abhorrent as house with..

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