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Paramedic and First Aid training is great but getting your hands on the tools builds clinical skills and confidence like nothing else. You need every chance to build confidence and credibility in your clinical credentials. Experience is a great teacher, but it can be a negative or positive teacher. So not just any experience but experiential learning is the key to benefiting positively from volunteer placements.

So what makes for good paramedic experiential learning?

In a word “support” Support to help you understand the experience and draw the most from it. Support to help you digest and reflect o that experience in a positive manner and support to drive improvement in your skills.

Guided experiential learning helps us make sense of it all. It builds a scaffolding around what you know already and builds those linkages in your brain so that you can place the learning in context. Then it’s powerful. Without it, it is just showing up and playing games. You and the people you are volunteering to help need to get better value and you just showing is not you at your best and undersells your efforts to help.

Volunteer first aid and paramedic placements with a mentoring program.

We have all worked with people in pre-hospital care that have taught us not what to do. All too often egos and delusions of adequacy abound and in our rush of enthusiasm. Make the most of your time on the tools and really give what you are capable of.

_quotes column_size=”1/1″ quote_cite=”Leslie James” quote_cite_url=”#” quote_text_color=”#0066cc” quote_align=”left”] Giving your time is one thing, but the people you are giving it to deserve a high standard of care to. They are often already disadvantaged, marginalised or have undergone recent natural disasters. We should be there to help and that help needs to be all that it can be to be good in the face of bad. We need to provide solutions in times of need, not additional crisis ”  [/cs_quotes]

Support and mentoring allow our experience to build in a supervised educational way. Rather than making up the numbers you can make a difference and really meet the needs of those you seek to help.

Next time you are considering a volunteer program think about support for your experience while you are trying to support others

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